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 learndirect is the UK’s leading e-learning organisation.  Over the last ten years it has become a nationally recognised brand for e-learning, and has the largest network of its kind. Since 2000, learndirect has helped over 3.5m adults transform their lives by gaining a new skill or qualification.

learndirect has developed a new qualification for digital champions to give better recognition to their role, and provide guidance on how to help people use the internet. The new course covers both the digital skills expected of a digital champion and the support and advice skills required to motivate others to get online.

Digital champion Lloyd Briggs
Digital champion Lloyd Briggs

People complete the training online through learndirect and are tested on their understanding with multiple choice and short response questions. The online course takes approximately two hours to complete.

  “We know there are thousands of people across the UK supporting ‘non-liners’ to get online each and every day. The need for this support will only grow as Race Online 2012 realises its ambitions to get more people on and making the most of the internet.” – Kirstie Donnelly, director of service design and development at learndirect

learndirect user Shazia
learndirect user Shazia

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