Digital Champion Report

Capgemini Consulting were commissioned to undertake an independent evaluation of the work of the UK Digital Champion and team over the last two and a half years.

The data for the evaluation was largely gathered through interviews with people that the Digital Champion and Race Online 2012 team sought to influence –  leaders at every level of industry, government and the media – as well as those engaged in the task of increasing digital participation. In addition, partner commitments ( ‘promises in action’) and data on internet usage from the Office of National Statistics and other secondary sources were referenced to qualify our understanding of the shape and size of the offline population.

In our report we have established some guidelines that we hope can help and inspire other EU nations appointing a Digital Champion to become a fully networked nation.

The findings have also informed the development of Go ON UK – a new cross-sector partnership that aims to make the UK the world’s most digitally capable nation.

“In 2009 when the Digital Champion was appointed, 10.2 million adults had never been online. By Q4 2011 that figure had fallen to 8.2 million.”